Tuesday, 22 February 2011

PRE construction stage (August 2009 - February 2010)

From an initial deposit to prelim contract signing - some two months passed, during which time we made frequent visits to the Denver display home in Mernda and Traralgon (an actual colonial facade). This provided us with the chance to really think about the internals and external look to our future home and how well it would suit the five acres.
Before site works started

We signed our 'NEW HOME CONTRACT' on Feb 9th and then waited for the first sod to be turned over.


- at this stage from your initial deposit an independent building inspector should be contacted to setup 'customer protection' (eg. http://www.aplusinspections.com.au/index.htm). We have used APlus later in our saga we regret that we didn't know about this earlier.
- ensure that your Studio M appointment doesn't coincide with the Xmas party, you're rushed thru stuff as the social do does start at 12pm
- find out if on the day of signing your prelim contract; your consultant is leaving as you are left in limbo while a new one is appointed which results in items/changes/questions being overlooked.

CONSTRUCTION STAGE (May 2010- ongoing)

Due to the non-dynamic way of writing this blog we will divide the construction stage into equivalent payment terms:
Base and Frame
Lockup and Fixing

Despite signing the 'New Home Contract' in early Feb'10 the site cut commenced finally in mid-May 2010
Hope it doesn't rain.....
We met with our Site Manager/Supervisor who has encouraged us to let him know of any issues or concerns so they can be fixed accordingly, this is hopefully going to be a smooth build.........